Furniture Upcycling

Paint techniques to decorate second hand furniture and home accessories

We all have an old piece of furniture that we don’t want to throw away. This class will introduce you to fantastic ways to transform your used or unwanted item into a very unique piece of art.

You will learn a good range of paint and decorative techniques like distressing, decoupage, gilding, basic stencilling and appliques.

This is a hands-on course, for the first class please bring

  • old wooden picture frame (medium size, must be in good condition)
  • apron
  • paint brushes
  • good medium scissors
  • disposable gloves
  • small glass bottles with lids
  • newspaper

For your first own project please bring into the class a wooden piece of furniture or any decorative home accessory you would like transforming.

£6 to cover basic materials. Most of them can be found at home, but certain projects may require specific materials from specialist shops.

No previous experience is needed.

For inspiration, take a look at

  • With Carola Hargreaves, Thursdays, 7-9 pm
  • Fees to be confirmed